【演講資訊】資科工所論文研討1071212課程演講資訊,講題: Introduction to IAI (Industrial AI)



講題: Introduction to IAI (Industrial AI)

時間日期地點: 107/12/12@MIRC Building Conference Hall 1F


Ms. Ann Kao (高虹安), Vice President of Industrial Big Data Office (工業大數據辦公室 主任), Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology Group

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The presentation covers the major industrial big data analytic technologies and methodologies for prognostics and intelligent maintenance system.  These technologies are the key to Industry 4.0.  For real-world examples, Honhai Technology Group (鴻海科技集團), ranked top 24 in 2018 Fortune Global 500, has developed a predictive production system which consists of five key elements of industrial internet (ABCDE, namely Analytics or AI, Big data, Cloud, Domain knowledge, and Evidence) in its manufacturing plants.  The value created by data analytics and intelligent control systems can achieve a worry-free environment for future manufacturing.  Through the presentation, computer science students and data scientists can better understand the concept and needs for IT and AI landing in industrial scenario.