(2020.12.2Talk) Application Acceleration with High-Level Synthesis

演講者:賴瑾 副總經理/威盛電子(股)公司
主持人:陳宏明 所長/交大電子研究所
Time:2020年12月2日(三) 13:30~15:00

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Audience:IC designer, and application developer (Computer science, Computer engineering, and Electrical Engineering), EDA field is welcome too. And students from EE, CS or related are also welcome.


Abstract:A new design method, using language (C/C++)which most application developers are familiar with, to develop application accelerators. Some of the industry leaders (Qualcomm, Google, Nvidia, Facebook ...) have adopted this methodology recently. Taiwan, being a leader in the IC design industry, should keep up with this design methodology.