【SEMINAR論文研討】資訊科學與工程研究所 2020.12.09 演講資訊 Topic : IIoT, AIoT, 5G & Edge

  • 講題: IIoT, AIoT, 5G & Edge
  • 時間日期地點: 2020.12.09  15:30-16:30  Online at
  • 講員名字&簡歷:
    Dr. John K. Zao (邵家健) is the Founding Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of FiduciaEdge Technologies, a spin-off from NCTU under 價創計畫. He is also the Founding Chairman of IEEE 1934 & 1935 Standard Working Group on Edge/Fog Computing and Networking Architecture and the Founding Vice-Chairman of IEEE Standard Committee on Edge, Fog, Cloud Communications with IoT and Big Data. In addition, he holds the Co-Chairmanship of the Security and Distributed Computing Working Groups in the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).
    Dr. Zao received his PhD degree in Computer Science from Harvard University in 1995, and became an IEEE Senior Member in 2001. In addition to FiduciaEdge, Dr. Zao also co-founded Cerebra Technologies in Taiwan in 2015 and NGoggle in San Diego in 2016 respectively. Before launching his venture, Dr. Zao was a faculty member of the NCTU Computer Science Department. He is glad to come back and share his experience.
  • 大綱:
    IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), AIoT (AI + IoT), 5G (5th Generation Mobile Communication) and Edge Computing — whatever that is — are buzzwords among the techies. Yet, they are also the enabler of the 5th Information and Operation Technology (IT & OT) revolution, in which I’m privileged to be deeply involved. In this talk, I will give an overview of these interlocking concepts and highlight some recent breakthroughs including Confidential and Trusted Computing. Let’s see how they may change the world as we know it.