To Russell Hsing, Ph.D

Executive Director

Emerging Technologies and Services Research Department


                                                             Tel: (732)-699-2290 (Office)

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Dr. T. Russell Hsing, a Fellow of the IEEE, British Computer Society (BCS) in UK, and the SPIE-The Internal Society for Optical Engineering. He is now an Executive Director to manage and lead the Emerging Technologies and Services Research Department at Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore). He is also supervising Directors for the Telcordia Applied Research Center in Poland (TARC-PL) and Taiwan (TARC-TW). Currently he is an adjunct professor of the Electrical Engineering Department at the Arizona State University, a Member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Institute of Networks Coding at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a visiting professor at the Peking University in China.  He is also the Chair of the Fellow Evaluation Committee (term 2010-2011), a member of the Award Committee (2011-2013), and a member of the Nominations and Elections Committee (2008-2010) for the IEEE Communications Society. He has been a co-Editor-in-Chief of the ICT Book Series for the John Wiley & Sons Publications, Inc. since 2007.


He is responsible for the overall R&D programs and business development in the areas of: (1) vehicular networks and telematics applications; (2) information and wireless sensors networking solutions for healthcare applications; (3) business process and system dynamics modeling for financial industry, and (4) physical security solutions.  He is also managing the Vehicular Networking and Telematics Business within the Applied Research at Telcordia. Prior to joining Bellcore in 1986, he accumulated a wealth of research & development and product management & development experiences through affiliations with Burroughs, Xerox, GTE Labs, Telco Systems Fiber Optics Corporation, and TASC. Since 1995, Dr. Hsing has pioneered the technology transfer and commercialization of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for Bellcore (and then Telcordia). His other effort has been focusing on the Asia/Pacific region through our R&D center in Taiwan and business alliances with strategically positioned and well financed local companies; and also in Europe through the European Framework-7 program and our R&D center in Poland of collaborating with the academia and industrial research Labs with the EU countries.


·         In 1987, he and his research team had designed the world first working VLSI 8 X 8 DCT chip for video compression and visual communications.

·         In 1988, he was the originator to propose the HDSL/ADSL concept and then has led a R&D team at Bellcore to demonstrate the world first working QAM-based ADSL system in 1992.

·         In 1997, he has led a R&D team to design, develop and demonstrate the first end-to-end working systems of Personal Access Communications Systems (PACS) for wireless local loops applications which need low-power and low-tier.

·         In 2002, he has been given a responsibility to establish a new R & D department on Emerging Technologies and Services Research which includes the vertical applications in the areas of Vehicular Networks & Telematics Applications, Bio-sensor based wireless networks for healthcare applications, and video-based physical security systems to situation awareness applications.

·         In 2004, he has led a team to establish Telcordia Applied Research Center in Taiwan (TARC-TW). This center is now involving with R&D work in Open Network Services Platform and Vehicular Networks and Telematics Applications.

·         In 2008, he was instrumental to establish Telcordia Applied Research Center in Poland (TARC-PL). Through European Framework 7 Programs, this center in now involving with R&D projects with our academic and industrial collaborators in EU countries.


He is now supervising Directors of TARC-TW in Taiwan and TARC-PL in Poland. He has been a board member for TARC-TW since 2004. Currently he is also a board member for CVTA (Connected Vehicles Trade Association). Dr. Hsing has accumulated 30+ years in the telecommunications and information & communications technology industry. His research interests are in the areas of DSL, Video Communications and Signal Processing, Broadband Wireless Technologies and Networking Systems, Fiber Optics Imaging System, High-Speed VLSI System Implementation, Vehicular Networks and Telematics Applications, and Broadband Access and Services Applications.


Since 1990, he has been a member of the Technical Advisory Committee for the Computer & Communication Laboratories (CCL) of ITRI in Taiwan. He has been invited to be a member of the Strategic Review Board (SRB) for The Executive Yuan (Taiwan) in 1997, 1998, 2003 and 2006. From 1998 to 2005, he has been a member of the wireless industry strategic advisory group for the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) of the Executive Yuan in Taiwan. He has led a Telcordia team to join the US Delegation (led by William Daley, US Secretary of Commerce) to attend the China-United States Telecom Summit in Guangzhou, China, in April, 1999.


He graduated from National Chiao-Tung University (Taiwan) in 1970, and got his M.S. and Ph.D from the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Rhode Island in 1974, and 1977. He has finished Executive Courses from the Stanford Business Graduate School, MIT Sloan School, and the University of Texas at Austin from 1995 through 2000. He is a co-Editor-in-Chief (with Professor Vincent Lau of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) for the ICT Book Series of John Wiley and Sons Inc, Publication; He was a member of the Fellow Evaluation Committee for the IEEE Communications Society from 2006 through 2008, and is the Chair for this Fellow Evaluation Committee from 2010. He has been a member of the Nomination and Selection Committee member for the IEEE Communications Society since 2008. He was the founding chair of SPIE's Annual Conference on Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP) from1986 to 1995; and the founding Chair of the sub-Technical Committee of “Vehicular Networks and Telematics Applications” for the IEEE Communication Society. He has lectured the "Packet Video: Video Communications over ATM-based Broadband Networks" course in Boston, Chicago, Lausanne, Taipei, the University of California at Irvine, and Columbia University. He is the author and a co-author of over 73 technical papers, three book chapters, and four US patents. He was the winner of the 2003 Publication Prize for his paper at the IEEE Proceedings (2003) from the Executive Science Technology Council of SAIC. He has been lecturing tutorial courses at the IEEE and SPIE technical conferences in Boston, Switzerland, Beijing, Washington DC, Taipei, UC-Irvine and Columbia University during the past 30 years. Dr. Hsing has also co-edited a book titled "Visual Communication: Technology and Application." with Dr. Andrew Tescher (Optical Engineering Press, 1990).



               Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering), University of Rhode Island (Feb. 1977)

                M.Sc.  (Electrical Engineering), University of Rhode Island (Feb. 1974)

                Ph.D program (Physics), City College of New York, CUNY (Sep. 1971 – Aug. 1972)

                B.Sc.    (Electro-physics), National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan (June, 1970)


                Dale Carnegie Association (one semester training course on Effective Presentation and

                Human Relations), New Jersey (1988)


                PDP (The in-house MBA Program at Bellcore) Program, Class of 1997

                Finished advanced business courses at Stanford Business Graduate School, MIT Sloan

                School and in-house training courses from Business Schools at the University of Texas

                At Austin and the University of Illinois from 1995 through 1997

PERSONAL DATA             

             Married, two children

                5' 9"; 145 LB

                US Citizenship




                Fellow, IEEE – For contribution and leadership in the development of technology to

                                       transport video rate data on existing telephone access lines (1995)


                Fellow, British Computer Society, United Kingdom (2005)


                Fellow, SPIE (The International Society for Optical Engineering) – For contribution and

                leadership in the area of visual communications and image processing (1987)


             Founding Chair, Sub-Technical Committee on “Vehicular Networks and Telematics

             Applications”, IEEE Communications Society (since May, 2010)


             Members of the Scientific Advisory Board (with Prof. Andrew Yao and

             Prof. Frank Kelley) – Institute of Networks Coding, Chinese

             University of Hong Kong (since 2010)


             Chair, Fellow Evaluation Committee, IEEE Communication Society (2010-2011)


                Member, Fellow Evaluation Committee, IEEE Communication Society (2006-2008)


             2003 SAIC Executive Science and Technology Council (ESTC) Publication Prize


                Member, Phi Tau Phi Honorable Society (since 1994)


             Delta Mu Delta Honorable Business Society of Salem-Teikyo University


Telcordia Technologies, Inc.,  Piscataway, New Jersey (March '86 - Present)

Executive Director, Wireless Technology and Networking Systems Department (May '95 – Nov. ‘02) and Emerging Technologies and Services Department (Nov. 2002 – Present)

Head, the Automotive Telematics Program (Nov. 2002 – Present)

Supervising Director, Telcordia Applied Research Center in Poland (TARC-PL), Poznan & Warsaw, Poland (Jan, 2008-Present)

Supervising Director and Board of Director, Telcordia Applied Research Center in Taiwan (TAC-TW), Taipei, Taiwan (Nov. 2004-President)

Director, Wireless and Broadband Systems Research Group (July '94 - May '95)

Director, Signal Processing Systems Research Group (March '86 - July '94)

Program Manager, High-Speed Digital Subscriber Lines (HDSL/ ADSL) (March '86 - July '94)

·         Manage and lead the Emerging Technologies and Services Research at Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore) and responsible for the R&D programs in the areas of: (1) information and wireless sensors networking solutions for healthcare applications; (2) automotive networking and telematics applications; (3) business process and system dynamics modeling for financial industry, and (4) physical security

·         Oversee (as a Board Director) and supervising Director of the Telcordia Applied Research Center in Taiwan (TARC-TW) in Nankang Software Park, Taipei (Nov. 2004- President). This center has 17 staff to work on a Open Network Services Platform, Vehicular Networks and Telematics Applications and cloud computing –based services

·         Oversee and supervising Director  the Telcordia Applied Research Center in Poland (TARC-PL). This center has 10 research staff and collaborate with many EU countries through the European Framework 7 Initiative and the Polish Government Programs in the area of ICT related research subjects

·         Manage a research department of about 20-30 scientists and engineers working on the overall wireless technologies and networking systems, broadband wireless access, multicast IP, broadband wireless in next generation networks (Wireless NGN), wireless security, wireless call agent, and the development of the wireless marketing and business strategy within the Applied Research Area ; interact with internal customers, RBOCs, and external customers including government agencies (e.g., DRPA, NIST,CECOM)  and non-RBOCs customers  to secure necessary revenues; work with corporate marketing and sales organizations to create corporate wireless business opportunities in the Asia Pacific region

·         Participated in cooperate tasks on China marketing development, Bold-New Initiatives, and technology commercialization of Applied Research, to formulate and prepare a part of Bellcore's Corporate Business Plan.

·         Lead a research group to develop cost-effective very high-speed digital subscriber lines (ADSL, HDSL, and VDSL) technologies and multimedia communication/ video/data services in the copper-based subscriber loop plant, fiber-coaxial based hybrid loop architecture, and future integration of wireless access on ATM-based broadband networks. Responsibilities included program definition, staffing, implementation, budgeting and managing R&D teams, and transferring the outputs to the vender community and the world of science & technology community (via journal and IEEE/SPIE conference publications). All efforts are directly in support of increasing corporate business revenues and reducing the operation cost.

                Major Accomplishments

·         Established the Telcordia Applied Research Center in Taiwan (TARC-TW) in November, 2004, and has submitted 10 Patent Applications and published 40+ research papers in the area of Open Network Services Platform and Vehicular Telematics Services Platform (Telcordia Mobile Mind Product)

·         Established the Telcordia Applied Research Center in Poland (TARC-PL) in June, 2008, and won a few ICT research projects from the European Framework 7 Initiative and also the Polish Government Programs.

·         Created new R&D initiatives, develop new customers with anew  multi-millions dollars of annual business in Automotive Networking and Telematics Applications for Telcordia

·         Led, Managed and contributed to research and development on all aspects of evolving the low-power wireless personal communications technology entitled Personal Access Communication System (PACS) specifications into a complete end-to-end (from ASIC chips to handset, base station, base station controller and programmable switch) commercially available system for Wireless Local Loop (WLL), Wireless Internet and PCS applications.

·         Led the strategic research and prototype initiatives on wireless security and wireless call agent work. The research prototype has been adopted by many industrial research laboratories and universities around the world.

·         Led the business case study on High-Speed Broadband Wireless Data (>100 Mbps) and Internet Applications in Next Generation Networks (NGN), and then developing research programs to execute the business plan.

·         Led, developed, evaluated, and inspired a research team to tackle the technical issues and to meet the business challenge on how can hybrid fiber/coax access networks and ATM backbone networks support large anticipated future demands for wireless access services. The five projects are: wireless access and broadband network integration, PCS mobility and resource management under wireless ATM environment, wireless access and enterprise network integration, adaptive and multi-tier wireless access to ATM network interconnection, and multimedia communication and security.

·         Established a joint venture with a major wireless manufacturer  in the Asia Pacific region to develop the PACS chipset for a low-tier, low-power PCS system in 1997

·         Established a Technical Liaison Office to manage the technology commercialization activities in Taiwan in 1996

·         Led efforts to have several licensing agreements signed on Bellcore's low tier PACS technology in the Asia Pacific region. Develop the international marketing opportunity analysis on wireless PACS technology (with marketing and sales organizations).

·         Led recent efforts in submitting technical proposals, in the areas of digital  wireless video, wireless ATM, and high-speed wide-band wireless networking to the government funding agencies such as ARPA and US Army Research Labs

·         led, developed, evaluated, and inspired a research group to; (1) develop the world's first QAM-based working ADSL research prototype for Bellcore's participation in the ANSI T1E1 "ADSL Olympics" and Nynex Impulse Noise testing, (2) develop the basis for a full understanding of the ADSL-3 technology (6 Mbit/s) and beyond under existing loop impairments in the copper loop plant.

·         Initiated and directed a Very High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) technology (> 10 Mbit/s) program to provide cost-effective loop transmission technologies and bring the ATM/SONET access to the residential houses in the copper-based subscriber loop and "last drop" connections for Fiber-to-The Curb (FTTC). Theoretical foundation of bit-rate versus loop length under existing loop environment has been accomplished.

·         Using ADSL and SONET/ATM to demonstrate the world's first end-to-end networked services (MPEG and CD-i) in Bellcore's Video-On-Demand platform.

·         Several common carriers have announced their VOD trials using the ADSL technology in 1994.

·         Created and directed the High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL) technology (1/2 T1 rate over 12 Kft CSA range, full-duplex, without repeater and engineering conditioning) program from concept proposal to model simulation, prototype demonstration and T1E1 standardization. Successfully transferred this technology to the vendor’s community (through ANSI T1E1 Committee). Edited the Special Issue on HDSL for IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (August 1991). Two IEEE HDSL Workshops have been organized (1990 and 1991). ANSI T1 Committee has adopted this HDSL as a standard project. Now several RBOCs and PTTs have started to deploy the HDSL transceivers in their network.

·         Co-led the effort on designing and demonstrating the world's first working 16x16 DCT chip (2 um CMOS technology) for the low-bit-rate videos.

·         Led the effort on designing and demonstrating a working DSP-based 16 Kbit/s speech compressor in real-time for radio communications applications.

·         Led the effort on ISDN during the line code selection process.

·         Directed the project on bi-directional fiber optics transmission and the multi-level optical transmission technology


             Peking University, Bejing, China (since 2011)

Visiting Professor, Institute of Wireless Communications and Signal Processing

             Chinese University in Hong Kong (since 2010)

Scientific Advisory Board (with Prof. Andrew Yao and Prof. Frank Kelley), Institute  of Network Coding

             Arizona State University (2003-2006, and 2010- Present)

              Adjunct Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

             Rutgers University- The State University of New Jersey (March '90 - March '94)

                Adjunct Research Fellow, Center of Computer-Aided Industrial Productivity

             The Analytic Sciences Corporation (TASC), Massachusetts (Nov.'85- Feb.'86)

                Staff Member, Information Technology Department

Project responsibilities on PC-based image communications, weather satellite picture compression, business plan and grant proposal preparation

                Telco Systems Fiber Optics Corporation, Massachusetts (Nov.'84 - Nov.'85)

                Director, Applied Research and Advanced Development

·         Created a new corporate technical center and managed Applied Research Laboratory to support Telecommunications Business. Responsibilities include business plan, program and product definition, implementation, staffing, budgeting, and managing engineering departments (Digital Video Communication, Digital Communication, and Optoelectronics). Efforts include advanced developments on the ultra high-speed fiber optical communication and integrated voice/data/video communications for future telecommunications network and information super-highway

·         Contributed to the development of both corporate strategic business plans of Telco Systems Incorporation (about $95 M revenue). Evaluated the relationship of existing R&D programs to the future needs of client organizations to assure the timely development of required telecommunications technology. Suggested new programs and alternation of  existing programs required to meet corporate objectives

                GTE Laboratories Incorporated, Waltham, Mass. (Nov.'82 - Nov.'84)

                Principal Member of Technical Staff and Principal Investigator

·         Led Video Conferencing and Advanced Integrated Workstation (Touch Phone) Research Group. Provided leadership, organized and assured the quality of project reporting, maintained expenditures within the budget. Also provide technical, administrative and planning assistance to upper managers in fields relevant to the projects and business.

·         Responsible for the image processing projects to conduct research and development on picture coding, human visual system (HVS) model, video communications, picture archiving and communication systems for medical imaging. Responsible for the intelligent terminal project (shared image concept, integrated video/voice/data transmission, microprocessor-based visual communication).

·         Demonstrated the feasibility of a deaf-phone (transmit the sign language over regular phone lines in real-time) via prototype development.

                Xerox Corporation, Webster, New York (Nov.'78 - Nov.'82)

                Technical Specialist/ Project Manager, Input Image Terminal Area

·         Project responsibilities on digital image and signal processing (data compression, binary picture processing, adaptive filtering, image enhancement, noise filtering), applications of VLSI to document image processing, CCD sensor evaluation and its application to electronic image systems, and GRIN fiber optics imaging system research.

                Burroughs Corporation, Detroit, Michigan (Feb.'78 - Nov.'78)

                Senior Engineer, Electronic Imaging Department

·         Research and development on digital video and signal processing developed advanced scanners and fiber optics illuminators for check processing equipment; hybrid optical/electronic digital systems.

                University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island (Sep.'72 - Feb.'77)

                Research and Teaching Assistant, Department of Electrical Engineering

·         Developed a new experimental and analytic model to study signal and noise problems of electro-optical systems operating in atmospherically turbulent media.

                City College of the City University of New York, New York (Sep.'71- Aug.'72)

                Adjunct Lecture, Department of Physics



Guest Lecture, "Packet Video" graduate course, Columbia University (fall, 1989)

Instructor, "Packet Video: Video Communication in ATM Networks,” The Electrical Engineering Department, University of California, Irvine, July, 1992

Instructor, "Video Communications over ATM-based Network," one-day short course at VCIP'90 (Lausanne, Switzerland), VCIP'93 (Boston), VCIP'94 (Chicago), VCIP'95 (Taipei, Taiwan)



·         Chair (2010-2011) and Member (2006-2008), Fellow Evaluation Committee of the IEEE Communications Society

·         Chair (2010-2011) and Member (2007- 2009), the IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu Field Award Committee

·         Members (2010-2012), Award Committee of the IEEE Communications Society

·         Members (2008-2010), Nomination and Election Committee of the IEEE Communcations Society

·         Founding Chair (2010- Present), Technical Sub-Committee on “Vehicular Networks and Telematics Applications” of the IEEE Communications Society

·         Editor, ICT Books Series, John Wiley & Son, Publicaitons (since 2008)

·         Editor, Telecommunication Book Series, Academic Press (1993- 2005)

·         Co-Editor-In-Chief, Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation (Academic Press) (1990 – 1997)

·         Associate Editor, Journal of Multidimensional Signal Processing (Kluwer Academic) (since 1991)

·         Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems (1989 - 1991)

·         Founding Chair, IEEE Circuits and Systems Technical Committee on Visual Signal Processing and Communications (1990-1995)

·         Founder and General Chair, SPIE's Annual Visual Communication and Image Processing (VCIP) Conference (1986 - 1988)

·         Member of Editorial Advisory Group, CRC Press (since 1981)

·         Co-chairman of "Application of Digital Image Processing," session at SPIE Annual Technical Symposium, San Diego, CA (since 1984)

·         Co-chairman, International Workshop on "Digital Video for Intelligent Systems, December 17 & 18, 1993, Irvine, CA (sponsored by NSF and the University of California, Irvine)

·         Reviewer, IEEE Transactions, NSF grant proposal, many technical journals



             Hold four U.S. patents in the areas of fiber optics imagining system, audio conference technology, and digital image processing



·         Three book chapters  in the area of visual communications, and fiber optics imaging system

·         75 journal and conference publications in the fields of vehicular networks and telematics applications, wireless technologies and networking systems, mobile ad hoc networks, ADSL, HDSL, visual communication and image processing, telecommunications, packet video, CCD imaging, speech processing, digital video compression, medical imaging, and signal processing and communications systems.

·         Co-edited a book (with Dr. Andy Tescher) on "Visual Communication and Image Processing," (with Dr. Andrew Tescher, Optical Engineering Press, 1990)





A List of Publications – By To Russell Hsing





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4. A book Chapter, Li Fung Chang and T.R. Hsing, "Video Communication

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8. Guest Editor, Special Issues on Visual Communications

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1. “Raster Output Scanner Having a Full Width Electro-Mechanical

   Modulation”, U.S. Patent No. 4,454,547, June 12,1984 (By k.W. Yip, T.R.

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2. Adaptive Thresholder, U.S. Patent No. 4,468,704, August 28, 1984 (By James C.

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5. Proactive Location Based Routing in A Wireless Ad Hoc Network, Filed on

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